Elevate Cocktail Hour Tonight With Mezcal

Whether you are having a home date night or just would like to enjoy a cocktail this evening, we are here to encourage you to give it a try; mezcal and tequila never tasted better together than this!



Spirits, sugar, and bitters: a classic Old-Fashioned cocktail.  What if you just want a Mexican version of this good old drink? There is a very popular recipe we LOVE created by Phil Ward; it was part of the Death and Co’s first menu in 2007. This is a well-balanced and delicious variation of an Old-Fashioned cocktail and also one of the most requested and imitated in bars all over the world.


1 ½ ounces of El Tesoro Reposado Tequila

½ ounce del maguey San Luis del Rio Mezcal

1 Teaspoon of agave nectar

2 dashes of angostura bitters

Garnish: 1 orange twist

In a tall glass, stir all the ingredients over ice for about 30 seconds and strain into a double rocks glass over a large ice cube. To garnish, flame the orange twist over the drink and sink it in.


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