Looking For an Addition to Your Holiday Dinner Menu? Let's Make Camote Enmielado!

Camote Enmielado

This is probably one of the simplest yet most delicious treats  that many Mexicans love. A fresh memory of my childhood was sitting at the dining table as a family, everyone with a glass of milk on hand waiting for camote. There are 4 key ingredients to cooking the sweet potato: anise, piloncillo, cinnamon and clove.

Recipe -Serves 6



3 sweet potatoes, cut into 2 inches slices

10 oz or 1½ cone of piloncillo

4 anise stars

1 large Mexican cinnamon stick


In a large Dutch oven or pot, add 1 ½ cups of water, piloncillo, cinnamon, clove, and an anise star. Let it boil and then reduce the heat.  Let it simmer until the potato is cooked and the sweet sauce is starting to thicken. You want to make sure it is not very liquid. If that is the case, then remove the potatoes and continue cooking the sauce on high temperature until it gets a syrupy texture.


You can make a beautiful display with all the ingredients in this recipe. Make sure you spoon the sauce over the potato when serving.

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