Sweet Potato and Roasted Chickpea Tacos

The vegan taco you have been waiting to try.

Tacos de Camote y Garbanzo salteado con chile habanero


This is an opportunity for Mexican food to join the vegan club. The sweetness of the camote and the crispy habanero roasted garbanzo are a perfect match for this vegan taco, which are topped with braised shaved brussels sprouts, salsa Verde and a squirt of lime. 

Soft corn tortillas are a particularly important component of any taco to taste like it was made in Mexico. Look at the supermarket for the ones that have a little bit of salt - they taste better.


Sauté habanero chickpea and sweet potato taco. Serves 6.


1 can of chickpeas, rinsed and dry

2 spoons of avocado oil

1 inch of habanero pepper finely chopped

1 large sweet potato (chopped in small cubs)

½ tablespoon of lemon pepper



2 spoons of avocado oil

1 pound of brussels sprouts (cut in half and without heads)


For serving

Dice red onion

Salsa Verde


I use my cast iron pans to cook vegetables; they are simply great at distributing the heat and work nicely with root vegetables.  Preheat a large cast iron over medium heat. Add the oil and wait until it is hot to add the chickpeas and the habanero. Once they are starting to brown, or 5 min later, add the chopped sweet potato, stirring only occasionally until they are deeply golden and cooked through.

In a medium-sized large cast iron over medium heat add the avocado oil and wait until it is hot. Add the brussels sprouts and salt and pepper. Flip them occasionally until they are almost caramelized with golden marks. Once done, transfer them to a chopping board to dice them. 

Use a nonstick pan to warm up tortillas. Once you flip the tortilla a couple of times, place it on a plate and add the camote and garbanzo; add some Salsa Verde and top it with the brussels sprouts; garnish with some red onion and lime juice. Enjoy!

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