My Aunt's Fried Beans

After one of those family debates of who has the tastiest recipe for fried beans, we found two of them. One of them belongs to Adriana Kasten, my aunt. She is known in the family to have what we call one of the best “sazón” when cooking. Her tip is to soak the beans in water overnight and wash them a couple times before cooking them; this makes them easy to digest. 

Fried Beans
by Adriana Kasten


1 pound of beans 

½ onion

2 morita or chipotle dried chiles

5 chiles de árbol

3 corn tortillas

3 Tbsp of vegetable oil 

Salt (preferably no fine salt)

To cook the beans:

Wash the beans, let them sit in water overnight, and rinse before cooking. In an express pot filled with water all the way to the top, cook the beans with the onion and the morita or chipotle chiles. They will be ready in approximately 30 min on medium heat. 

To fry the beans:

In a different medium-size pot, heat the oil on high, cut the tortillas in quarters, and fry them. Remove them once they are crispy. In the same oil, add the chile de arbol and fry until they turn a little dark; remove. 

Add the previously cooked beans to the oil, as well as  a cup of the same bean broth; with a smashing tool and the strength of your arm, crush the beans.  If you want a more liquid consistency,  add more of the bean broth. Add the onions and chiles from the pot; add salt and bring it to low fire once crushed for about 10 min. Enjoy!

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