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French Cuisine in Guadalajara has a Name: Chez Nené

Chez Nené –Just like homemade

By Jorge Cardosa

Almost 23 years ago, Chez Nené opened their doors in Guadalajara. Today, it is a legend and the best option in town to enjoy French cuisine with taste, service, and atmosphere from a French grandma’s house and kitchen.

Gerard Fauré, chef and owner, was able to adapt all his learnings from a cooking and restaurateur family heritage and offer them in Guadalajara. Chez Nené is a little Parisienne corner in our city, opposite to the reputation French restaurants have on their level of service; in this place they will pamper you. I have been going on a regular basis for the last 10 years. You do not get used to their menu as it keeps changing. They have a blackboard with the menu, which is based on the seasons - that way you get the best ingredients and the dishes that will match with summer or winter. And, as Gerard says, he gives you the experience and they serve ‘love food.’ For any whim, the chef loves to be challenged and will do his best to satisfy special requests.

My personal experience has been great. We started as customers during my wife’s first pregnancy. She was dying for a duck a l’orange, and we just got it; the duck was perfect, and having a pregnant happy wife is priceless! We became regulars and eventually became friends with the chef. At the back, they have a private room with its own kitchen gear; you can have a private meal for special occasions. I went with my work team, and we had a cooking experience and competition; we had lots of fun, and it was an excellent team building opportunity.

If you are ever in town and feel the desire for a fancy French experience, do not hesitate to pay a visit to Chez Nené. They also have a vast wine menu and delicious desserts to close your meals brilliantly!

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