Spirulina: The Best Kept Secret In Mexico

We are telling secrets now..

In the world of vitamins, there are many supplements that can help to improve and support your health. These days, we get bombarded with the next “new amazing miracle” vitamin that will solve all our problems. It will make us look young, and feel energized and happy, and will control our appetites and mood. They even come in a package with your name on it, how cool is that?

Well, I am here to tell you, I was that girl! If you opened my vitamin cabinet, you might think I had a hobby of collecting them. And so, my hobby changed after my doctor told me I had fibroids, iron deficiency, and a weak immune system. Great, I thought, where do I start? Sure, improving my diet and exercising more was part of the quest, but I needed the right supplement to help me get back on track - which I found.  

Say hi to my best friend, Spirulina. Oh, but yes, I am sure you have heard about this “superfood” blue-green alga before, maybe because NASA used it as a dietary supplement for their astronauts or maybe because the United Nations approved it  to fight malnutrition in Africa, not to mention it appears that Spirulina was born Mexican!

This is  not your average supplement, Spirulina is an algae that Aztecs used to eat every day as a source of protein. It grows in high alkaline lakes; it is a potent anti-inflammatory and a daily dose contains more protein than beef or any plant you could consume every day. It also contains all the most important amino acids for humans, as well as iron, magnesium, calcium, beta-carotene and all the B-vitamins.

I started taking Spirulina and my life changed. The year I had surgery to remove my fibroids, I went from excruciating pain, inflammation and overweight to becoming a healthy, happy, and even younger looking marathon runner. Eventually, I was able to become pregnant again. My fibroids never came back, and while I was pregnant, I told my doctor I was a Spirulina consumer. She never suggested I should  stop that. I never took one prenatal vitamin during those 9 months, and my baby did not come out green! There are plenty of studies, research, and articles that support and explain the benefit of consuming Spirulina. Take a minute to do some research and decide for yourself. 

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