What will August 2021 bring us?

August will be a month that will require us to continue with the changes.

We will feel a great need to evolve and to free ourselves.

Uranus, which represents our inner revolutionary, will be square with Mercury; this means that we will feel an immense need to break with the paradigms of how we think and communicate. However, tensions will be felt as we will feel restricted and limited in the expression of our individuality and heart.  for ways to channel this energy will feel like electricity in the body. It is time to unleash your creativity. At the collective level, we may experience restrictions and reactions from different groups because they feel that their intimate space has been  invaded. (This is because of the opposition between the Sun in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius).

The new moon in Leo, on August 8, is great for launches and beginnings, especially if you are a Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius.

In the week of August 9-15, it is advisable to pay close attention to our finances, because our judgment may not be so clear. (This because Venus will oppose Neptune and will have a trine to Pluto) It will be interesting to see what happens with cryptocurrencies and the stock market; it is time to pay attention to these types of issues.

In the week from 16 to 22, the need to change our life will be felt very strongly.

The full moon of the 22nd (Second Moon in Aquarius) will invite us to close cycles in how we relate to other people, to  land new ideas related to problems in community life, and to specify the new dynamics in our individual-social management.

Within this week, Venus will enter Libra, strengthening our relationships with others and relaxing the tension that we had been experiencing in previous weeks.

The Sun will enter Virgo on the 22nd, opposing Jupiter, which will also begin to relax the atmosphere; living a kind of energetic duality.  On the one hand, we will feel a need to concentrate more on our routines, health and our work in a more focused and fluid way, and on the other hand, eager to relax, rest, be positive and party. Who will win between these two impulses? Only you can decide.

Uranus will begin to retrograde this week, so we can analyze within ourselves regarding the changes and decisions that we have been making, to reevaluate our steps in this regard.

In the week of August 23-29, it will be a respite from so much electricity and change. The  formal communications and contracts may not be so clear due to the tension between Mercury and Neptune. Having  an ideal alignment to explore and expand our artistic capacity in a very emotional way, as well as for love relationships, even so, does not make ultra-transcendent decisions in love; it is time more to enjoy than to decide.

On August 30, Mercury will pass into Libra, which will make us have a more empathetic and harmonious communication with the people around us.

As  you can see, August will be an intense month that will invite us to change and to live the duality between hard work and the desire to relax.

I wish you a great month!

A hug from heart to heart.

Marisol Ruiz Velazco

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