What does December 2021 bring?

by Marisol Ruiz Velazco

The month begins with good aspects that foster love and peace.

With the eclipse of December 4th we will be able to understand the evolution we have had the last 18 months and change the stories we tell ourselves.

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We will feel how things walk and get recognition from them. (Last solar eclipse in Sagittarius) We will be able to focus on intellectual tasks and feel great creativity and empathy for others. (Neptune starting direct in Pisces)

From the week of the 6th to the 12th, we will feel a lot of inspiration and connection with art, love and music; we will have to be careful because we could also lose grounding in reality and get carried away by our evasive impulses.

We will be able to align our personal power to our actions. (Mars in harmony with Pluto).

However, this is not a week to make rash decisions, but to go deep into our motivations and feelings.

It is a time for positive news.

From the week of the 13th to the 19th, we will feel changes in the environment.

There will be in the environment a need for freedom and to assert our point. (Mars in Sagittarius)

We will feel clear thinking and a focus on work and our personal structure. (Mercury moves into Capricorn).

In addition, we will feel a deep questioning of our desires, what we value in life and how we value ourselves personally. (Venus begins to retrograde in Capricorn).

The week from December 20 to 26, will be a little less relaxed, we will begin to feel tensions between what we still do not want to let go in our lives and what has to go.

The universe invites us to change, if we have been working on it during the year, we will not feel it so hard, however, if there is still work to do, we may feel a lot of restriction in our personal processes.

The Sun enters Capricorn, so it will invite us to put order and restructure our lives.

It is the last pull of the zodiac year, which ends in March, so it is a good time to take advantage of the change of season to sow the year-end intentions.

There will be tension in the week due to financial conflicts related to power issues and our relationship with others. Also, we will feel connected to our deepest desires. (Venus conjunct Pluto)

From the week of January 27 to January 2, we will feel an energetic shift, there will be more optimism in the atmosphere and we will feel a connection with others, with the divine and with art. (Jupiter goes to Pisces).

We will feel a need to connect on a deep level with other people and see the innermost motivations of others and ourselves. (Mercury conjunct Pluto).

We will feel a due imposition and expansion, so we will have a good start of the year.

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Happy end of the year!!!!

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