Fashion Week In Mexico: Bringing to You The Most Talented Designers in Mexico at The Touch of a Button

Welcome to Fashion Week Mexico

If you follow fashion, then you know fashion week in New York, Milan, London, and of course Fashion Week in Paris - but what about Mexico? 

Fashion week in Mexico was established in 1998 as a platform for designers based in Mexico and Latin America and is sponsored by some major players - including Mercedes-Benz since 2007.

The history of fashion in Mexico

Before the Mexican Revolution, European fashionistas influenced the style in Mexico and most noticeably, the French. Women in Mexico would flaunt silk, lace and corsets which were the latest trends of the French runways at the time. In time Mexico developed more of its own unique style.  

The Mexican Revolution was a turning point for Mexico and Mexican fashion as it established a new economic and social system focused more on the Mexican people and their organizations.  As a result, programs and projects were created to combine art with pop culture to make it available to everyone, to tell the story of Mexico and its society, where artists, designers and artisans collaborate to create the identity of traditional Mexican art that could be identified anywhere in the world. 

In recent years designers from all over the world have chosen to collaborate and build relationships with local Mexican artisans, featuring pieces that have deep historical and traditional meanings such as embroidered gowns made in different parts of the country.  As the fashion style continues to evolve, Modern designs and techniques continue to be inspired by Mexican tradition and history. Mercedes-Benz at Fashion Week, Mexico

Mercedes-Benz has been involved in the International Fashion Industry for more than 24 years, having a presence at 80 fashion events around the world. It has been a steady commitment to fashion that has been adapting to its challenges throughout time by changing and adapting, but most importantly focusing more and more to the promotion of very gifted designers.

Mexico is not an exception when it comes for its love for cars and fashion.  For many years, Mercedes-Benz has unconditionally supported fashion in Mexico, passionately believing in the industry and its talented and promising designers. For this and more, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico is the most important fashion event in our country.

The star car brand and Mexican Fashion Industry are again joining forces in presenting the latest in Mexican glamour, design, and social causes. The Mexican runway is coming to you in 2020, in a very unprecedented way.  This year The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México is happening in a virtual format offering you an insight of this season’s designers and their amazing collections. 

Colectiva Concepcion will be opening the first date of the show on August 22nd in Jilotepec de Abasolo, followed by Carla Fernandez in San Miguel de Allende on September 10th. Alfredo Martinez, Julia y Renata and Benito Santos will open From Guadalajara.

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