Como Agua Para Chocolate: The Movie you Need to Watch this Quarantine

Movie night is the best night!

Saturday night is finally upon you. You finish work, the kids are in bed and the house is quiet.  You get yourself ready for a little date night, quarantine style.  Open the perfect bottle of wine, all your favorite snacks and ditched your phone.  Only one thing left to do, find a good movie.  After scrolling through all the apps and browsing Netflix there just isn't anything catching your interest and let's face it....you have been quarantined for months and have watched just about everything worth watching at this point. That is everything that you have access to....Let us open the vault and connect you with a new variety that might not have otherwise been on your radar.

Como agua para chocolate” means boiling, it is how water must be when you are making hot chocolate. The movie tells the story of a family during the Mexican Revolution, the transition of the end of Porfirio Diaz’s dictatorship, and the fight to form a new government headed  by Emiliano Zapata. 

It is the story of Tita and her Pedro, a story about forbidden love and the scents of her kitchen. Tita is not allowed to marry Pedro because there is a tradition in her family where the youngest must stay single and care for her parents until they die. Tita was feeling “como agua para chocolate”; she was angry with rage, upset with her sister Rosaura who wanted for her daughter to never marry and take care of her until the day she died just like Tita’s mother did to her, forbidding her to marry Pedro the love of her life.  To be close to Tita, he accepted a marriage to Rosaura. Tita decided to stop this painful and unfair tradition for good so no woman in her family had to go through this again.

Tita also had another relationship - her kitchen and her food. She expressed her passion and pain through her dishes making anyone who tasted her food feel them. Each chapter’s title in the movie is named after a Mexican recipe or dish to honor the kitchen where Tita spent most of her life, creating dishes that Nacha, her cook, taught her to prepare.

This is a fascinating love story that is full of passion, pain and family history that is worth watching at least a couple times.  Directed by Alfonso Arau and based on Laura Esquivel’s novel, this erotic tale of forbidden love stars Marco Leonardi, Lumi Cavazos, Regina Torne, Ada Carrasco and Mario Ivan Martinez.

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